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Cincom Smalltalk[edit]

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I think it is significant to mention that Liberty Basic gets its power from the language it is written in i.e. Visual Smalltalk Enterprise VSE. Carl Gundel: It is significant that Cincom the current owners of VSE have ceased support for VSE. It raises the question of the long time support for Liberty Basic. It would be a shame to lose either. -- (talk) 03:09, 25 January 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]

PC Plus Magazine[edit]

It has been featured by McGraw Hill and Ziff Davis, and also in a tutorial series in PC Plus magazine!

Is there more precise information? (references)

McGraw Hill used Liberty BASIC to teach their introductory programming course in their NRI Schools, which was a "learn at home" course. They wrote comprehensive tutorials focusing on Liberty BASIC.

Ziff Davis hired Carl Gundel to teach Liberty BASIC in their online venue Ziff Davis Interactive, which is now called SmartPlanet. Thousands of people took this online course.

Oops. I guess I was wrong...[edit]

I found program extensions in the program's folder, as well as a .tkn file, and a compiler run time module not named run402.exe. Sorry to whoever posted the corrections. I have reverted the page accordingly.



I have removed this line: "It is a very good value, and any experienced programmer should obtain a copy of it as well as Liberty BASIC." - This page is NOT an advert for Liberty Basic. This line does not give any educational information about the SUBJECT of Liberty Basic, only the PRODUCT. Do not abuse Wikipedia by including bias information.

Chris G

Programming section[edit]

I think the "Programming using Liberty BASIC" section should be removed since it doesn't add anything to the article, has information that can be found better elsewhere, and probably shouldn't be in the article to begin with (this is an encyclopedia not a tutorial site). - DNewhall 14:36, 26 July 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

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Since the switch from Geshi to Pygments for syntax highlighting (phab:T85794), support for 'lb' was unfortunately dropped, as can be seen with the plain text formatting on this page and others such as Alice (programming language). If you want specialised 'lb' syntax highlight support again, it will need to be added to Pygments. I have changed this page to use 'qbasic', which looks reasonable as a fallback. John Vandenberg (chat) 07:00, 18 July 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]


Maybe we could add a section about JustBasic, the free subset of LibertyBasic offered by the author. -- (talk) 12:22, 22 March 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Removed a line[edit]

Removed this line of text from the entry:

" However, note that V5 has been in development for over 10 years, with annual promises of a release, but no version has ever been released and IMHO I don't think it ever will be. Bugfix requests are sometimes ignored and others take an eternity to be released. The Liberty BASIC author seems to have lost his way. Other versions of BASIC are far better supported. " — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 07:53, 3 September 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]