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This page is preserved as an archive of the associated article page's "votes for deletion" debate (the forerunner of articles for deletion). Please do not modify this page, nor delete it as an orphaned talk page.

From VfD[edit]

  • Atlantium - irrelevant "micronation". --Wik 05:05, Feb 4, 2004 (UTC)
    • Delete; agree. Most of the google hits, incidentally, refer to a TV show or a city in a Might and Magic game, not this silliness. Tempshill 05:16, 4 Feb 2004 (UTC)\
    • They claim over a thousand members and have recognizable stances. The article is moderately well-written (certainly not patent nonsense). Some of the towns from Rambot actually have less population. I'm forced to say keep. Meelar 05:25, 4 Feb 2004 (UTC)
      • They can claim a lot, but it's not verifiable. --Wik 05:28, Feb 4, 2004 (UTC)
    • Unless this is particularly well-known (ie people in Sydney have heard of these people) then delete. Secretlondon 08:44, Feb 4, 2004 (UTC)
      • I don't wish to vote on this one, but if it helps I do live in Sydney (since 1958) and have never heard of them except through Wikipedia articles. Andrewa 09:31, 4 Feb 2004 (UTC)
    • Strongely oppose deletion. This page has been salvaged by a good many longstanding and respected Wikipedians over the last year. --mav 10:27, 4 Feb 2004 (UTC)
      • If the topic is irrelevant, there is nothing to salvage. --Wik 19:19, Feb 4, 2004 (UTC)
    • Oppose deletion. It may be small but it is not unverifiable see this article in a major british newspaper and [1][2][3] theresa knott 13:08, 4 Feb 2004 (UTC)
      • Some of the information in the article might be unverifiable, and should thus be deleted, but I think the article per se should be kept. See these sources. --Daniel C. Boyer 18:10, 6 Feb 2004 (UTC)
      • I don't see how any of this verifies the claim of 1,000 members, and a sizable membership would be the only thing that could justify an article on this. One of your links is a copy of the Wikipedia article Micronation, where Gene Poole himself added his nonsense. Another is merely an internet directory. And the Guardian surely has not verified the membership of Atlantium; it is mentioned within a larger article about micronations, and the information given is likely just based on a web search and maybe a brief telephone interview with Cruickshank. See Andrewa's comment above showing that even a longtime Sydney resident has never heard of this. It is of no relevance and the membership is unverifiable, therefore it has to be deleted. --Wik 19:19, Feb 4, 2004 (UTC)
    • Keep. —Psychonaut 14:34, 4 Feb 2004 (UTC)
    • Keep. I find it interesting. -- Cyan 22:03, 4 Feb 2004 (UTC)
    • Keep. Relevant verifiable micronation. Has more citizens than Sealand. Anthony DiPierro 23:46, 4 Feb 2004 (UTC)
    • Gene Poole It appears that Wik has issues with the fact that I have chosen to challenge his/her repeated vandalisations of the "micronations" article over recent days, and has chosen to engage in some sort of half-arsed vendetta in consequence. The current attempted article deletion is an obvious consequence of this malicious, uninformed and outright vexatious attitude. Needless to say, more than ample physical evidence exists to verify all claims made by Atlantium and its administration that are not affected by privacy considerations. These include on-site video coverage by such international media organisations as Reuters and TV Deutsche Welle, in addition to a raft of print media articles - all of which are in the public domain. In summary, I encourage Wik to either put up or shut up.
      • Gene Poole had the audacity to put his "Atlantium" fiction on a list of "serious aspirant states" together with Palestine; my "vandalisations" consisted in removing it from that list. If there is "ample physical evidence" it's up to him to show it. --Wik 05:47, Feb 5, 2004 (UTC)
    • Gene Poole The increasingly shrill blatherings of Wik on this subject are a clear illustration of this individual's inability to maintain anything approaching an informed or rational viewpoint. Atlantium is obviously not a fiction, no matter how often Wik attempts to devalue it by making that patently false claim. It is a real entity comprised of real people - many of whose photographs, names, addresses and telephone numbers are listed - along with a large volume of other entirey verifiable data - squarely in the public domain. The fact that Wik cannot be bothered to do any serious research (sorry but a Google word search doesn't qualify) - even when provided with appropriate leads - speaks volumes concerning his/her real agenda - namely, to rubbish the efforts of those whose personal attitudes he/she disagrees with.
    • Chill out, Imperator. As for everyone else, I think it is worth mentioning semi-serious endeavours with real histories and extended followers -- they are definitely encyclopedic, although might be culled from a paper 'pedia. See for instance Pi Day or even Yellow Pig Day (but see its VfD entry below) or the Scottish streaker who crossed the pond to hit the Superbowl. But I do think that all Atlantium content [bios of its Emperor, list of its cabinet, refs to its policies] should be on a single page, reflecting its size and small history. And I don't think it should show up in any list other than a "micronations" list which explains that most of these political entities are recognized only by other micronations, if at all. +sj+ 03:28, 2004 Feb 7 (UTC)
    • Delete: irrelevant. Wile E. Heresiarch 09:59, 7 Feb 2004 (UTC)
    • Delete - we could all invent micronations in our bedrooms. Secretlondon 23:47, Feb 7, 2004 (UTC)
    • Keep. I never knew of Atlantium before this. Just don't go nuts over NPOV, and everything will work out fine. (Yeah, this means you too, Wik and whoever's disputing Wik.) Rickyrab 18:19, 4 Mar 2004 (UTC)