The Dead 60s (album)

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The Dead 60s
Studio album by
Released31 May 2005
RecordedThe Ranch, Liverpool and Parr Street Studios, Liverpool
GenreSka punk
LabelDeltasonic (UK)
Epic (US)
ProducerCentral Nervous System
The Dead 60s chronology
The Dead 60s
Time to Take Sides
Alternative Cover
UK Cover
Singles from The Dead 60s
  1. "You're Not the Law"
    Released: 10 May 2004
  2. "Riot Radio"
    Released: 4 October 2004
  3. "The Last Resort"
    Released: 28 March 2005
  4. "Loaded Gun"
    Released: 13 June 2005
  5. "Riot Radio (re-release)"
    Released: 12 September 2005
  6. "Ghostfaced Killer"
    Released: 21 November 2005
Professional ratings
Review scores
The Guardian[3]
Q Magazine[citation needed]
Pitchfork Media{5.8/10}[4]
Rolling Stone[6][7]

The Dead 60s is the eponymous debut album by British rock band The Dead 60s. It was first released in the United States on 31 May 2005. The office building on the album cover is Concourse House, which once stood next to Liverpool Lime Street railway station. It was demolished as part of a regeneration of the area surrounding the station.

Track listings[edit]

All tracks written by The Dead 60s.

US version ('Yellow Album')

  1. "Riot Radio" – 2:22
  2. "A Different Age" – 1:33
  3. "Nowhere" – 3:13
  4. "Red Light" – 3:07
  5. "Just Another Love Song" – 3:10
  6. "Control This" – 2:40
  7. "Loaded Gun" – 2:47
  8. "Nationwide" – 2:19
  9. "We Get Low" – 3:41
  10. "Horizontal" – 1:56
  11. "New Town Disaster" – 3:08
  12. "The Last Resort" – 2:54
  13. "You're Not the Law" – 2:53
    Bonus tracks on the Japan CD:
  14. "Control This" [Dub]
  15. "TV & Magazines"
  16. "Cold Soul"

UK version ('Red Album')

  1. "Riot Radio"
  2. "A Different Age"
  3. "Train to Nowhere"
  4. "Red Light"
  5. "We Get Low"
  6. "Ghostfaced Killer"
  7. "Loaded Gun"
  8. "Control This"
  9. "Soul Survivor"
  10. "Nationwide"
  11. "Horizontal"
  12. "The Last Resort"
  13. "You're Not the Law"

"Space Invader" Bonus Dub Album (by Central Nervous System)

  1. "Too Much TV Dub"
  2. "Invader Dub"
  3. "D-60 Fights the Evil Force"
  4. "No Control Dub"
  5. "Tower Block Dub"
  6. "CNS Lazer Attack D-60"
  7. "Police Radio Dub"
  8. "Flight Mission Dub"
  9. "No Good Town Dub"
  10. "Game Over"

Bonus DVD
A bonus, 3-video DVD was given out with initial sales of the American CD at indie record shops, and was also distributed at US gigs. It includes the music videos for the band's first 2 singles, plus a video montage of their Japan tour.

  1. "Riot Radio"
  2. "You're Not the Law"
  3. "Japan in Dub"

"Riot Radio" is featured on the soundtrack of the video game Burnout Revenge and also on the soundtrack of the film Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

Album release details[edit]

Country Date Label Format Cover Colour Catalog Number
US 31 May 2005 Epic CD (with XCP) Yellow EK94453
Japan 8 Jun 2005 Sony Music Japan CD (Limited Edition) Yellow EICP517
Japan 10 Aug 2005 Sony Music Japan CD Yellow EICP548
Germany 23 Sep 2005 Deltasonic CD Red DLTCD038
UK 26 Sep 2005 Deltasonic CD Red DLTCD038
UK 26 Sep 2005 Deltasonic 2CD Red DLTCDLE038
UK 26 Sep 2005 Deltasonic 2LP Red DLTLPLE038
US 22 Nov 2005 Epic CD (without XCP) Yellow 82876776752
Japan 21 Dec 2005 Sony Music Japan 2CD Red EICP586~7
Germany 16 Mar 2007 Deltasonic CD (re-release) Red

Extended Copy Protection[edit]

In November 2005, it was revealed that the US CD contained Extended Copy Protection (XCP), a controversial feature that automatically installed rootkit software on any Microsoft Windows machine upon insertion of the disc. The CD was withdrawn and a new version without XCP was issued on 22 November 2005.

UK LP[edit]

Another product-related problem for the band was the mis-pressing of the UK vinyl album, which lists on both the label and sleeve the same track listing as the UK CD, but in fact plays the track listing of the US version. The LP was re-pressed and distributed with the same catalogue number. The original issue has a blue starburst sticker on the cover, and the reissue does not.

German re-release[edit]

In 2007 the album was re-released to include a remix of the song "Ghostfaced Killer". This version was used as the title track for the German comedy film Neues vom Wixxer [de].


Name Released Producer Chart position
"You're Not the Law" 10 May 2004 Did not chart
"You're Not the Law" was the first single off the album and was released in limited edition. 1,000 copies of each format were sold.
"Riot Radio" 4 October 2004 #30 (UK)
This is the official second single from the album. It was re-released later in 2005 again. The 7" single came signed. It charted at No. 30 and dropped to No. 59 in the next week.
"The Last Resort" 28 March 2005 Central Nervous System #24 (UK)
The third single off the album. It's their highest peaking single from the whole album. It charted at No. 24 in the UK and dropped to No. 49 the next week, dropping out of the chart after.
"Loaded Gun" 13 June 2005 #28 (UK)
The single was the fourth single off the album. It charted at No. 28 in the UK and dropped to No. 61 in the next week.
"Riot Radio" (re-release) 12 September 2005 #30 (UK)
The "Riot Radio" singles was re-released in 2005 after gaining some recognition. However the recognition, the singles charted at No. 30 in the UK again and dropped to No. 58 in the next week, almost the same as the original single.
"Ghostfaced Killer" 21 November 2005 Central Nervous System #25 (UK)
It was officially not on the original album, however later included on the red coloured album.


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